Friday, October 15, 2010

Another crazy year with Mobicents...

More than 20 releases in the past year, 6000+ revisions, almost 1000 tracker issues, airline miles to go many times around the world, and here we are in Belek, Antalya just 500km from my home town.

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Thanks to Eduardo for arranging this exceptional venue for us.

This year for the first time we had the whole team together from all over the world - USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and also for a first time customers and users were invited to attend the technical sessions.

We had a very tight agenda, but even so a couple of extra sessions were added due to demand. Eventually, we were able to focus the agenda on the most interesting topics and had a lot of discussions on each project. It was a great very productive meeting with lots of impact on the roadmaps and the direction of the projects.

I had a talk dedicated on general clustering, which is a key topic for all projects and easily generates even more discussions. My slides are here, but I should probably annotate them a bit more, if you have any questions ask away:

This is the version for fullscreen viewing. The rest of the slides will be available in our Antalya directory in google docs over here.

Great meeting, great party!

After a week in the paradise I also got to "enjoy" an extra stay is this hotel when I missed my flight in Istanbul. Excellent choice if you need to catch up with reality :)

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