Monday, May 12, 2008

Mobicents Sip Servlets Management Console

One of the things that got shipped with Mobicents 1.2.0.BETA1, but didn't receive enough attention is the Sip Servlets Management Console and hopefully this post will reach the users.

The managment console is a web application available at http://localhost:8080/sip-servlets-management/ for those who have the latest Mobicents.

Currently it allows configuring the application router in the Sip Servlets container by dragging the blocks or the columns of the applications associated with certain SIP method and we plan to enhance it with application management and monitoring module, stun, media and other configuration options.

You can see it in action here.

In the future we plan to add wildcard and rules matching to the Application Router configuration tool, so stay tuned.

JavaOne 2008 Materials

JavaOne 2008 was interesting. The Mobicents team held short sessions on the Mobicents Platform. In my presentation I tried to cover the basics of VoIP, show some real world examples and applications, explain the components and the features in Mobicents. I also had a few slides on the new programming model that we are developing now. At the end I made a quick demo of a Facebook click-to-call application that calls two different phones and links them (web-initiated 3pcc).

Unfortunately, it didn't go as planned. It was supposed to be 15 mins presentation and 45 mins demos, and it was 45 mins of presentation and just a few minutes of demo. And I sucked. They shouldn't let me talk to people :)

Anyway, it seems the Mobicents sessions attracted a lot of people interested to learn about converged and VoIP applications. There are a few requests to post the presentations and demos, so here they are:

The demos can be found here:The Facebook demo basically asks for two phone numbers, then you can click Dial and the phones should start ringing. Once you pick up both phones the call is established and both parties can hear each other.

This demo shows is a web store where once the user has checked out with some items in the basket, he receives a call on his phone and must confirm the payment by pressing 1. It is similar to the original JAIN SLEE Converged demo (Shopping demo) and the Sip Servlets Shopping Demo but it uses both JAIN SLEE and Sip Servlets.

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