Saturday, December 6, 2008

Mobicents at Devoxx

UPDATE: Making the slides available in PDF and google documents.
And if you want to view in your browser here is the quickie and this is the BOF (some formatting is lost).

Devoxx (a.k.a. JavaPolis) is starting tomorrow. Ed and I have a converged applications BOF on Day 2, where we will be covering the Mobicents platform and you can ask questions about any Mobicents technology - JAIN SLEE, Sip Servlets, Media Server, etc. Also, there will be another talk on Mobicents Sip Servlets about what's new and cool there. Among other things, I will be demoing the Seam integration, how to code&deploy SIP applications quickly with JBoss Developer Studio and possibly some ways to make active Web UI with AJAX and Reverse AJAX.

If you are up for a meeting ping me on vladimir.ralev at

Looking forward..

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